Tournament Results

WWII League OQ 4- Saturday, January 6th

33rd-  No Org(1-2)


eLeet Jokers 12/30(1-1)

 5th-  NverM0re

 7th-  JKA Br0kenAdvocate

 66th- NverM0re

  77th- Thebes
105th- NverM0re
166th- Fiction

War of the Gods Week 2- Saturday, June 3rd
Injustice 2

257th- NverM0re
385th- Fiction

Tekken 7 Throwdown!- Friday, June 2nd

17th- Sodwind
25th- NverM0re
33rd- Savage

GS Tournaments Battle Royale- Friday, May 26th

Street Fighter 5

5th- Destra
7th- West(NverM0re)

Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3

9th- West(NverM0re)

Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2

9th- West(NverM0re)

War of the Gods Week 1- Saturday, May 20th
Injustice 2

129th- NverM0re

NRS Fights!- Tuesday, May 16th
Injustice 2

3rd- West(NverM0re)

7th- Savage

The Scarlet Classic III- Sunday, April 23rd
Street Fighter 5

9th- JoeKing(NverM0re)

13th- Fiction